7 Online Jobs in Kenya that Pay through Mpesa

To earn money online in Kenya is no longer a matter of doubt or concern. However, the biggest challenge is getting paid via Mpesa because most online jobs pay through bank transactions such as PayPal and Skrill. Currently, there are online jobs in Kenya for students which involve data entry that pay via Mpesa.

Apart from students, unemployed persons and professionals can either do part time or full-time online data entry jobs in Kenya as well as other online jobs in Kenya. To make ends meet, you require constant access to the internet which makes making money online the easiest and simplest way of becoming financially independent by working from home in Kenya.

Online Jobs in Kenya that Pay through Mpesa 2019

In Kenya, there are sites like Kenyarater.com and Kenyawriting.com, just to name a few that pay for online jobs via Mpesa. There are unlimited part time and full-time Jobs Kenya that exist, but you need to be aware that some sites are a scam. The main aim of online jobs is to cater for the unemployed persons in Kenya. Therefore, before giving any of these websites a shot, you should review and research on them thoroughly just to be safe.
Several online jobs in Kenya pay their clients via Mpesa, and they include:

1. Research writing online jobs Kenya

Research writing involves research on a specific topic and payment is usually done twice a month. However, payment is dependent on the person you are working for because some employers even pay their writers weekly. The tricky question is where to find these online jobs in Kenya that pay via Mpesa. On Facebook, Academic Research Writers have clients offering research writing jobs. Also, Awesome Transcribers in Kenya is another Facebook page where you can get trained on how to do research jobs and other online transcription jobs in Kenya.

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